With Amazon and also at MediaMarkt you can get a 4K television that is suitable for both films and gaming with the LG OLED B19 at an absolute top price: For 55 inches you only pay 854.10 euros! On the product side, a price of 949 euros is still displayed for both dealers, but this will be deducted from this again ten percent at the cash register .

LG OLED B19 (4K, 55 inches, HDMI 2.1) for € 854.10 at Amazon *
LG OLED B19 (4K, 55 inches, HDMI 2.1) for € 854.10 at MediaMarkt *

65 inches at Otto: In theory, the version in 65 inches is also cheaper, but Amazon currently no longer has in stock and at MediaMarkt it is comparatively expensive. If you want this version, you will be better advised if you get it from Otto. There you will currently get the model for 1,231.65 euros, provided you use the discount code , which you will find below the price information under “15% saving”. If you still calculate the shipping costs here, you almost pay the price that you would also pay at Amazon, but you have a delivery time of 2 to 3 working days.

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LG OLED B19 (4K, 65 inches, HDMI 2.1) for € 1,231.65 + shipping at Otto

Amazon currently does not provide any information on how long the offer is still valid. At MediaMarkt it only runs until tomorrow. The campaign at Otto , in which you can also get other LG OLED TVs 15 percent cheaper, runs until May 8th. Individual models can of course be sold out earlier.

How good is the LG OLED B19?

Image quality: The LG OLED B19 is a 4K television from 2021, which, thanks to its perfect black and infinitely high contrast, can also satisfy very high demands on image quality with its perfect black and infinitely high contrast. Compared to the more expensive LG OLED C17, the top brightness is lower and the image processor is a bit weaker, but in practice the difference is rare. Compared to the normally cheaper LG OLED A19, the B19 scores with a 120 Hz display, which ensures faster movements for more smooth display.

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Gaming: The LG OLED B19 has two HDMI-2.1 connections through which gaming in 4K is possible with the PS5 or Xbox Series X at up to 120 fps. VRR and Allm are also supported. The television can therefore adapt its frame rate to a certain extent to the console and automatically switches to the mode with the lowest latency when gaming. The input was at 120 Hz a good 5 ms. This makes the LG OLED B19 ideal for gaming.

LG OLED B19 (4K, 55 inches, HDMI 2.1) for € 854.10 at Amazon

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