When it comes to acquisitions in the games area, the Embracer Group (ThQ Nordic) has been particularly active in recent years. In February 2021 , the Swedes secured a particularly well -known company with Gearbox (Borderlands) , for example. In December 2021, the Group invested billions in the board game giants asmodee, the comic publishing house Dark Horse Media and Publisher Perfect World **.

strong deal at a bargain price

In 2022, however, Microsoft and Sony have so far been the focus of the Akquise reports. Team Xbox made a historically unique record deal with the purchase of Activision Blizzard . Sony, however, secured two exciting studios with Bungie and Haven Studios , and the Japanese are currently supposed to work on the takeover of one of the oldest companies in the games industry .

In the course of the rumors about the potential victims of takeover, the name Square Enix also fell again and again. Now we know: If Sony actually wants to buy Square Enix, the PlayStation giant has to do without the three studios Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix Montreal and Eidos Montreal. With their more than 1,100 employees, they now belong to the Embracer Group mentioned at the beginning.

Lara has a new home

SQUARE ENIX JUST SOLD OFF TO EMBRACER - Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, MORE Are Returning?!

But not only that! For the only $ 300 million, the Swedes also receive some of the most iconic brands of games history, namely Tomb Raider, Deus Ex and Thief. Overall, a catalog of 50 brands is supposed to change the owner, i.e. almost the entire western branch of the business. At Square Enix, only Just Cause, Outriders and Life is Strange.

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But why does the Square Enix? In a press release, it says that in the way you want to adapt to the changes in the global games industry. The future is not in the classic development and the sale of PC and console games, but in areas such as artificial intelligence, mobile, blockchain and metaverse. With the income from the sale, you want to make further investments here.

The Embracer Group has finally become the largest publisher in Europe through this deal with 14,000 employees who are currently developing 230 games in 124 studios. What do you think of this deal? Do you have any hopes for the old Square brands like Deux Ex, Thief or Legacy of Kain? Tell us in the comments!

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