“I was kicked out of the director. Since then, I have sued Square Enix. ”

Naka Yuji, a well -known father of Sonic’s father, was rejected by employees of Square Enix when he developed Valan Wonder World.

On the night of April 28, Naka Yuji said on his Twitter account. “After the Square Enix complaint, the relevant process is now over, and it’s no longer tied to the regulations. So I decided to open my mouth, ”he said.“ I confirmed through the litigation materials, and the characters who decided to drive me out of the director were producers, sound, public relations, director, and personnel manager. ”

There are two main reasons he confronted the company’s employees. The first was a view of the sound source used in the official promotion. Square Enix used a piano arrangement version of a YouTuber, not the original OST of Valan Wonder World. Naka Yuji opposes this for reasons that the original composer’s name is excluded.

Sonic Creator Yuji Naka Sued Square Enix, Says Was Kicked Out For Wanting Balan Wonderworld Improved
The second was a relationship with the outsourcing developer Arzest. According to the litigation data, Fujimoto Nori Yoshi producer told designer Oshima Naoto, who designed Dr. Eggman, “The relationship with Azest was wrong because of the words and actions of Naka.”

Naka Yu argues that he and Jost’s communication was nothing wrong. “I pointed out that Ajest delivered the game with a bug, so I wanted to improve. When creating a game, you should ask for modifications about what can be better, and if that’s a difficult situation, you should have a conversation. ”

In addition, Oshima designer and Fujimoto producer adjusted the Demo launch schedule without being left out, and insisted that the situation was revealed in the lawsuit. Eventually, Naka Yuji, who was kicked out of the director’s seat, tried to negotiate with the crew to mobilize the lawyer and to ask the crew until the game was completed. However, as the request was rejected, the situation eventually spread as a lawsuit.

Naka Yuji said, “At the time of completion of the development of Sonic, Sonic made a rules that do not die even if they were attacked if there was one ring. The well -known rules are now an effort to improve the game until the end, and people around the world have enjoyed it. Improving the game until the end is a game maker, and if this is impossible, something is wrong. ”

In addition, “I think that the criticisms received by Valan Wonder World are greatly related to the problem of the development process. I’m really disappointed that the project I started was like this. I am sorry that the game was released in an unfinished state. I wanted to play all aspects and play the right action game. Square Enix and Ajust do not respect games and game fans, ”he said.