Sonic’s father, Naka Yuji, recently revealed that he had sued Square Enix on his Twitter.

Sonic Creator Yuji Naka Sued Square Enix, Says Was Kicked Out For Wanting Balan Wonderworld Improved

The reason he sued Square Enix is because of the Valan Wonder World, which was released last year. ‘Valan Wonder World’ attracted attention as it was a new work of Naka Yuji at the time of its first release. However, the quality of the game, which was formally emerged, was terrible, and as a result, ‘Valan Wonder World’ scored 38 PC versions, 44 PS4 versions, and 36 Nintendo Switch versions. He then suddenly left Square Enix three months after the release of Valan Wonder World. It has been about three years since joining January 2018. There were many talks about his resignation at the time, but Naka maintained him.

He finally opened his mouth for leaving. He said that he left Square Enix and sued him because he received a business order from Square Enix to be excluded from the director.

There are two main reasons why he was excluded from the director from Square Enix. The first is because there was a conflict in the selection of promotional music. Square Enix wanted to write a version of YouTuber’s piano arrangement, but Naka Yuji wanted to use the OST of Valan Wonder World and a trouble in the process.

The second is the conflict with the outsourcing developer Arzest. Even though the bug occurred during the development, Azest tried to submit it without modifying it, and the designer Oshima Naoto, who designed Sonic and Dr. Eggman, said, I reported to Yoshi producer.

With this conflict, he gradually began to be rejected in -house. As a representative example of the process, he listened to the postponement of the experience board. Oshima Naoto Designer and Fujimoto Nori Yoshi producer postponed the launch schedule, except for the director, and said, ‘It’s something weird.’

Since then, Naka Yu has been excluded from the director. Of course, it was a result that could not be easily accepted. As a result, he asked for negotiations to participate as an advisor until the end, but he was not accepted. As a result, ‘Valan Wonder World’ left the hand of Naka Yuji, and he began a lawsuit against Square Enix.

All of his actions so far have been done to make Valan Wonder World more fun. He said, “‘Sonic’ has changed the specifications so that if you have one ring in a situation where you have only two weeks left until completion. How can everyone know this rules that can make the game more fun until the end. “It’s thanks to my hard work and worries,” he said.

Lastly, Naka Yuji said, “I think this is a great relationship that ‘Valan Wonder World’ was evaluated as it is. I wanted to play the right action game to the world, but I’m sorry for playing an unfinished game.” Azost thinks that games and game fans are not cherished. ”