Microsoft seems to be on the rise in 2022: while the shortage rages and slows down the sales of the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series, it sells like hotcakes. And the American firm seems to be particularly proud of it.


The Xbox in front of the PS5 in 2022?

While the Nintendo Switch quietly continues its overwhelming ascent, the battle rages (again and again) between Microsoft and Sony. This beginning of 2022 seems to mark a nice turning point for the American company which, for the first time, seems to record figures in front of those of its Japanese competitor. In any case, this is what CEO Satya Nadella declares: between January and March 2022, the Xbox Series sold better than the PlayStation 5. Alas, no concrete sales figure is given for Press the declaration.

The Redmond firm, however, delivers other interesting data: during this time, early 2022 , the turnover of its gaming sector increased by 6%, which corresponds to $ 3.74 billion. A historic increase and excellent scores for Microsoft, which also boasts the increase in the number of subscribers in the Xbox Game Pass, participating directly in the increase in the “content and service” category, or + 4%. Finally, the company declares that ten million people lent themselves to the game of the Xbox Cloud Gaming. A field of the future, certainly.

Xbox Reveal of Record Breaking Advantage over Playstation | Xbox Series S / X & PS5 Console News

The shortage, tireless and tiring

The shortage, which affects the production of components specific to the PS5 and the Xbox Series, has been taking place for years now… and is still topical, to say the least. Despite the prolific launch of PlayStation 5, its sales are contained by this global problem: in other words, Sony could have done better, much better if the industry did not put it sticks in the wheels. On the side of Microsoft, the observation is actually similar: certainly, The Xbox Series is sold well, very well even if we compare to the benefits of the previous consoles marketed, but the shortage prevents it from reaching its true potential.

Microsoft, however, has its secret boot. This one that allows him to hold the pace and to ahead his historical rival: the Xbox Series S. smaller, less powerful and not based on the same manufacturing processes, the little beast seems spared by the Dreading dry breakdown of semiconductors and is located everywhere, in all shops. And faced with demand, very greedy in video games, the offer corresponds to the market: We learned, at the end of 2021, that this model s was sold better than the X model in certain regions. Combined with the figures of the X series, it thus allows an increase of 14% compared to the beginning of 2021. In short, a nice success story: to see now how the continuation of the events will take place, 2022 housing some pretty exclusives On the side of Sony… like God of War Ragnarok.


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