The world’s first gaming gear brand steel series (SteelSeries, CEO: Etihamlavana) is a new lineup of award-winning ultra-light gaming mouse on Aerox Series (Aerox5 Wired, Wireless) Earox 9 Wireless (AeroX9 Wireless) mouse. Steel Sirizu will proceed with an event to present a 10% discount and QCK Large mouse pads when purchasing a new product from April 25 to May 1, from April 25 to May 1.

Steel Sheliz ‘s Air Rolls lineup combines customizing button options in ultra light design to provide the best accuracy, speed and comfort for all types of gamers. The ultra-lightweight structural design, which was first introduced in Air Rocks 3 (AeroX3), was reflected. The honeycomb shape (Honeycomb) has a maximum of 20 g of the weight of the maximum 20G, and it boasts intensity and durability that is not damaged even in vigorous gameplay.

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The Aerox 5 (AeroX5) is a ultra-light mouse with a 66 g of ultra light weight and nine customizable buttons. TrueMove Air (TrueMove AIR) Sensor and Smooth 100% Virgin Rating PTFE Glide Skate to help all swipe (SWIPE) comfortably and accurately. In addition, the Golden Micro IP54 switch enables the player to accurately click on the player. Brilliant Prismsync Lighting provides three RGB zones to enable a variety of lighting effects. Aquabarrier (AQUABARRIER) offers IP54 grade waterproof and dustproof functions to use mice with confidence.

The wireless version of Earox 5 is a wireless mouse that provides up to 180 hours of battery life at 74G weight. Provides rapid charges that can be used for more than 40 hours by 15 minutes to provide rapid charges for use, especially, providing Quantum 2.0 Wireless Technology and Bluetooth capabilities to enjoy games freely for long periods of gamers.

Aerox9 Wireless (AeroX9 Wireless) is a wireless gaming mouse that provides a light weight, 12 customizable thumbtons, which is only 89g. Quantum 2.0 Wireless Technology, Bluetooth, and next-generation Golden Micro IP54 switches are provided, and their switches have durability of 80 million clicks. It also supports Aqua Berries that provide truomube air gaming sensors and anti-dust and water resistance of IP54 rating. It supports up to 180 hours of battery life and is available for more than 40 hours due to a 15-minute charge through the high-speed rechargeable function.

The weight of the weight makes it possible to continue the game of fast play and long-term game. The new Air Rocks series can be played faster, faster and accurately, without fatigue based on light weight and proven durability, and gamers can keep their gameplay levels high, regardless of game session duration.

The core of Earlocks 5 and Earox 9, a new product of the Air Rocks series, is customizing to fit gamer taste. Gamers can easily set the programmable buttons as desired, and you can set the desired functions faster.

In particular, from shortcuts and macros to ‘Fort Night’ or ‘League of Legend’, from macros to RGB lighting for Gamer’s battle stations, three new Earrox mouses can be customized to suit all play styles or environments.

Designed as a silk-like 100% Virgin grade PTFE skating, providing a more smooth swipe function, providing a gentle and improved control and speed. The victory in the game is just a few seconds, as long as it is determined to be a light swipe, optimized for a light swipe.

Meanwhile, AIDOC 5 wired models and Air Rolls 9 wireless products are immediately available through the Steel Series Official Store, and the Earl Rock 5 wireless model will be formally released in May.