How to Claim Prize Ride FAST in GTA 5 Online - FREE JESTER CLASSIC
Thanks to the weekly promotions of GTA online it is easy to increase the collection of vehicles without paying a single penny to get them. With this same purpose, in the next guide we will tell you how Get the Dinka Jester Classic for free.

How to get the Dinka Jester Classic car for free

As usual, only those who are members of the LS Car Meet will have the opportunity to participate in this week’s challenge to take the keys to this great car in return.

The objective is to be in the first place in the racing series of this place for four days in a row . If you manage to make it clear that you have enough skill at the wheel, then the Dinka Jester Classic will become you to drive it when you want.

In addition, the LS Car Meet test track will be available to you so you can check the performance of the übermacth Revolter, the Enus Jubilee and the Warrener HKR vulcar, either in tumult against other rivals or also in the counterreloj mode.

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