In the night of Monday there will be “Wu Wear” items in the Item Shop of Fortnite from 02:00. Thus, the Wu-Tang Clan, one of the most influential hip-hop bands of all time, will send its style right island.

Among other things, new outfits, back-accessories, headquakes and more.

outfit “throwback b.g.”

The objects matching the outfit “Throwback B.G.” are the back accessory “Wuwear World” (in the outfit included) and the pickaxe “Wu tool”. The back accessory reacts to music and the pickaxe reacts to hits. Both has the alternative style “Wu-Tang Classic”.

outfit “ol ‘dirty bomber”

The outfit “Ol ‘Dirty Bomber” includes the back accessory “Wu-Tang icon” (included in the outfit) and the pickaxe “Wall Destroyer”. The back accessory reacts to music and the pickaxe leaves a color trail when swinging. Both has the alternative style “Ruckus-red”.

In addition, the following items will be available:

• Hanging ladder “Shimmy Surfer”: Do not put on with you. (Has the alternative style “Ruckus-red”).
• Paint “Wu paint”: unmistakable.
• Emote “Wu-Tang forever”: high the hands.

The two outfits are also offered in individual packages. The packages then contain in addition to the back accessory also the emoticon “Wu-Tang Hands” and the loading screen “Wu-Tang-Style”.


Furthermore, the pickaxe “Wu tool”, the pickaxe “Wall Destreamer”, the hanging ladder “Shimmy surfers”, the WU paint and the emote “Wu-Tang forever” in the shop can be purchased individually. But they can also be purchased all together in the WU-Wear equipment package. The package also includes the spray motif “Wu-Boombox” and a “Wu-Tang Clan” banner.