Nintendo Switch Sports, which will be released on April 29, can it become a phenomenon game? We had the chance to get your hand on this title that could move some 100 million Nintendo Switch console owners in the world.

We remember that in 2006 went out Wii Sports. A compilation of five sports games that ultimately has elapsed more than 82 million copies (Source Statista) around the world.

What to do Wii Sports one of the best-sellers of the Wii console but also one of the most sold games in the history of the video game. So when Nintendo announces a Sports switch for his last generation of console, the little world of Gaming holds his breath.

Nintendo Switch Sports PREVIEW | DE NIEUWE WII SPORTS ?!?

“Sport-Pleasure” to share

And the breath, precisely, it takes a little bit to gesticulate in front of his TV. Once again, this title Made in Nintendo hears us moving. We do not talk about simulation here, but just happy to share. For the occasion, I was able to find for this session that took place in the center of Paris a former companion: the videographer, specialist in the news of the video game, Julien Chièze. A duel at the top so. It’s a little Obi-Wan Kenobi who meets Luke Skywalker. I do not tell you who is who…

Switch Sports can play up to four in the same way. According to the tests, one plays against each other or in the same team. In total, six events expect players to launch the game. An extra seventh, golf, will appear this fall.

So we heats up, we follow the little tutorials and it’s gone! Let’s show in Julien who is the Game’s boss. We start gently with a small part of volleyball where we team up. Service, Pass, Smash… The controls are simple, the grip too. It takes to act, move the joystick… while taking care during a smash not to win a magisterian mornifle to the neighbor. The rhythm of the game is good and even if the combinations seem limited, we happily move in front of its screen. The temperature rises!

DNA Wii Sports Well Present

We chained with the badminton. It must be lively. The sweatshirt is removed. Better to have room for the living room not to disengage with an unfortunate gesture the funerary urn of Belle Mom. The exchanges are nervous and there is nothing to complain about the accuracy of the joy-con motion sensors. The parties are short. Switch Sports is a real game for aperitif friends or family. We find DNA Wii Sports. Similarities that do not stop there since three events were already present in the title of 2006! So we find the inevitable bowling, tennis but also the Japanese sword event, Chanbara (present in Wii Sports Resort). If the graphics have of course evolved, we are in known terrain.

The game is fierce with Julien who lost the first events but seems well determined not to be d1. The suite will give him reason… Bowling is a classic still as effective. Only change, no longer question the slice button to release the ball. It seems that too many players at the same time threw their joy-con towards their screen… Here, the players play at the same time. Warranty atmosphere that strikes are chained or not. The game ends on a perfect equality!

Tennis is very close to the one proposed by Wii Sports. We chained with a beautiful energy reversing and straight shots by leading a character background or net. Julien wins the game. In Chanbara, we chained the blows and the parades. Not always obvious to anticipate the direction of the adverse sword… so much say we sometimes sometimes a little anything… and that it works! Julien is Ko!

Finally, football closes this session of sports activities. There are four players in each team. Julien and I will be allied for the occasion in a sequence that is played for the moment exclusively to the joystick (a height for football while a strap to fix a joy-con with the thigh) and which is frequently looks like the game Rocket League.

Huge ball, gigantic goal, simple controls… we run, we shoot and jump (in the game) head forward to try to mark before chaining before a shooting session on the goal who, she, is played with the famous strap hanging on the leg. We pretend to shoot and the ball file at the bottom of the cages… or not… probably a little training to fire just… even if Julien seems to have no problem to frame his shots… it must say that the Foot, he knows. What to finish in “Total Equality” mode! OUF! The honor is except after this rejoicing session.

Nintendo takes over a proven formula with this Sports Switch.
By capitalizing on the flagship tests of tennis and bowling, the publisher already ensures a very wide audience.
Friendly, fun, simple to take in hand, three qualities inherent in the Nintendo games, Nintendo Switch Sports, without creating the surprise, will not fail to delight the followers of the ancient Wii sports as well as the (many) neophytes addicted to
The switch.
Let’s not forget that Wii Sports came out sixteen years ago!
Far from being as physical as a ring made Adventure, this new sport game seems to be destined to all those who are alone who want to have fun together, whatever their age.
A simple and terribly effective program.
Nintendo Switch Sports, Nintendo, April 29th on Switch.