The contour of the new government of the New Government of the President of the President of the President of the President of the President of the President of the Private Tasks is reported on the 25th of Yoon Suk-yeol. Since then, the law revision and financial investment are made to reflect the necessary part of 30 days.

Project Selection: Calculating Internal Rate of Return

In addition, Ahn, Chul-soo announces the big frame of the national task for future food to the future food.

A spokesman for the Credit Laborator said, “In the regular briefing on the 24th,” the first choice of the state assignment will be almost finally exhausted, “he said. I will be confirmed for 30 days. “

Then, “The overall scale such as budget is likely to be released a little further.”

A new spokesman also said, “It is said,” There is a “economy, science and technology education, and many future food to many future foods on the social welfare culture and the following.” It is said,

“The last week was announced in the task unit or detailed practice unit, which will announce how the comprehensive paintings of future food are going to be announced.”