Training your inner soul in combat simulator with roblox weapons is equivalent to raising the level. By building your own experience and achievement 100% , you can bring your character to new limits and use new abilities, as well as apply a greater damage. These levels of experience are presented Qi .

When you start your trip, you will be marked as Newbie Qi i . Attaching enemies and performing various tasks in related worlds, you will receive an experience that is then added to your total percentage. As soon as it reaches 100%, you can Update Qi in Battle World Qi platform.

How To Train Your Inner Soul In Weapon Fighting Simulator! (Roblox)
In addition, you can purchase experience for your inner soul through Store . For a certain number of roboks, you can get an increase in percent. To purchase a level of 100%, which is a simpler way to update your QI without having to invest in it, you will need to fork. 2499 Robeks .

While in the world of martial arts, just come to the QI platform, and you will be provided with a prompt window. Select Update Qi will enhance the following features:

  • Max. HP.
  • Spell damage
  • Damage from weapons
  • Ability to equip new spells

When updating from scratch, you will go to novice Qi II . Upgrade QI levels are as follows:

  • Novice qi i
  • Novice Qi II

  • Novice qi iii
  • Junior Qi i
  • Junior Qi II
  • Junior Qi III
  • Junior qi iv
  • Advanced Qi i
  • Promotion Qi II
  • Advanced Qi III
  • Advanced Qi IV

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