Although China issued a pane (operating permission) in nine months, the related industry is still a skeptical response. The publication is not constant, and it is because it is increasing the local regulation day.

According to the game industry on the 13th, Chinese national newspaper publishers have recently issued a pane in 45 games. Since last July since July 9, Baidu,, Release Games, 37 Games, and 37 Games, a comparatively large game. The newly licensed game is 5 PC Online Games, 39 mobile games, and one console switch. This pancake is not a Japanese game title issued by the Chinese game company.

An Early Skeptic's Telling Of
As such, the issuance of the patron is again, most of them are in the middle, while the criticism of the Chinese game market is still. At the same time, the Chinese government has continued to regulate the high strength game industry, such as game time limit, and there is no signs of inspection of inspection.

First, China applied a new regulation to limiting the online game time of youth in September last year to 3 hours a week. Less than 18 years of age was limited to 1 hour until 8:00 pm and 8:00 pm on the time of the game. After mentioned, the strength of the national annotation “is a social issue that the game addiction of the youths must be fixed,” and the strength was increased. This is why Chinese games are actively introducing facial awareness, artificial intelligence, and special verification systems.

Even if you received a pane, you can not be relieved. Roblocks, who had a foreign furnace, and Roblocks, who was directly service, and the server closed the server in December last year, and the Steam Platform Global version was blocked in China. As the level of regulation was higher, we have been closed by more than 4,000 companies such as game-related studios and game stories in China.