The Global Hit Mobile RPG ‘Epic Seven’ developed by Smile Gate Mega Port (representative craftsmanship) and developed by Super Creative (Kim Hyung Suk, Kang Ki-hyun) is developed by the Global Hit Mobile RPG ‘Epic Seven’ is a new story I have updated the new chapter ‘origin’ in the new chapter, “Friday, 15th.

First, the Moonlight Summoning system is improved. Now, if the users proceed 20 times 20 times, the next time will be able to acquire a 4-sided or 5th monthly heroes of the 5th grade. The Smile Gate Mega Port is a refund of the ‘4 ~ 5th Wol Hero Sumor Summoning’ every 20 times by retrograde all the monthly monthly summonations that have been carried out with this improvement with this improvement. In addition, it will hold a total of 7 days of attendance events for about 7 days from April 14 to May 12th, and provides a variety of items such as ‘Advanced Machinery Equipment Kanghwa’, ‘Marrator’. In the last 7 days, the ‘4 ~ 5th Wol Hero Sumor Sumor’ is ready for rewards.

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Meanwhile, Epic Seven’s new story of episode 4, the new chapter of the new chapter ‘origin’ was also updated. The rest of the origin is where many of them are located in the northwestern land of the Epic Seven Worldwide in the northwest of Natalon, “Natalon”, located in the northwestern land of Natalon. In this story, the hero ‘Lan’ who left the main character ‘Ardin’ and the ‘Las’ party, investigated the stagnation of the origin of the origin, and the story of remembrance of the past memories is unfolded. Users can clear all new chapters and play special missions for the main character ‘awareness of awareness’, which can acquire an item ‘AD’s sized’ that can grow more powerfulness.

Smile Gate Mega Port Jung Jae Hoon, said, “Improving the Moonlight Summoning System through Improvement of the Moon Bank Summon System, will greatly expand its opportunity to meet the Moonlight hero. Epic Seven will continue to improve convenience to provide a more pleasant play environment. “

More information on Epic Seven can be found on the official community and the official YouTube channel.