Was that the real Andreas Wolff? The almost two-meter handball god, which brings an opponent to despair with his parades. His own reflexes as at 34:26 in the first leg around the World Cup ticket against the Faroe Islands so that he will be better afterwards. As in the glittering final of the European Championship 2016.

Or is Andreas Wolff rather the National Torwart, which he was in the years after that too? One with inconsistent achievements, which himself more annoy him than his coaches. One guy, over which not only the public sometimes shook his head because he criticized his own teammates with research and thoughtless statements.

“The 18 parades of Andy Wolff were crucial”

Things (Not) To Do in Faroe Islands ( watch before you go )
Andreas Wolff could give even answers to these questions. But for some time, the 31-year-old after international matches speaks only very rarely with reporters.

Others talk about it, and they said after the success against the Faroe Islands on Wednesday in Kiel almost all the same. “Andy held great”, captain Johannes Golla found. “Andy Wolff held very well,” said national coach Alfred Gislason. Also Peter Bredsdorff-Larsen, the coach of the opponent, said recognizing: “The 18 parades of Andy Wolff were crucial.” In fact, in front of the second leg in the blatant outsider on Saturday (20.00 pm / ZDFSport.de) in Torshavn, it would be much scarce without the superior Wolff.

The fact that the team is in the middle of the upheaval itself became clear against an internationally rather third-class team like the Faroe Islands. In the defense center, the agreements did not always fit, and many technical mistakes were understood in the attack (too). If Wolff did not repeat the opposes of the guests with his parades, the pressure for the DHB selection would now be significantly larger. So the ticket for the World Cup in January in Poland and Sweden now seems as good as safe. Also thanks to Wolff.

TV shows and fun duels with new

He promoted his steep climb at the EM 2016 with outstanding achievements. In the days after the tournament in Poland Wolff was a sought after man, and he liked to answer all questions. He readily went to TV shows, with a fun-duel with football nationwart manuel new films – and in the summer of 2016 followed the change to the THW Kiel. Everything seemed for a big career. But Wolff never came beyond the role of number two. In 2019 he changed to the Polish Topclub Kielce.

Also there he played outstanding, sometimes less good and then strong again. Similar to the national team. So who is the real Andreas Wolff? One who had become “adult” had said Gislason before the European Championship last winter. Wolff traveled in good shape to the tournament, as one of the most experienced actors, he should become the retention of the young team. Just before the end of the preliminary round, Corona stopped him. Why he is capable, he could not show anymore.