According to the Site “Trademark Watch”, which examines the commitment status such as a trademark, Square Enix has filed a trademark of “ Tactics Ogre: Reborn ” on March 31.

Although this application is not clear except that “Tactics Ogre: Reborn”, “Tactics Ogre” is the SRPG “Tactics Ouga” that the company is currently owning IP. This title has finally stopped the series deployment of the remake work “Tactics Ouga fate” released for PSP in 2010 and the series expansion has stopped, and “Reborn” is expected from the word “REBORN”.

In addition, Square Enix launches “Triangle Strategy” on March 4 and has made “THE DIOFIELD CHRONICLE” on March 10, and has been focusing on simulation games in recent years, and half a year ago The presence of play tests for “Final Fantasy Tactics” and “Legendary Ouga Battle” have been reported.

At the moment, no data is registered in the government official “J-PLATPAT”, but the data on the day of issuance may not be reflected, so if you want to check the status of the application with that eye, wait for a while It is likely to be.