The Genshin Impact event “Shades of the Purple Garden” opens the Andanzum for the rest of the Taivat with the help of the magnificent Gerodor’s festival. It works from from April 7, 2022 to April 25, 2022. and open for all players Adventure rank 30 and above which completed Eugene Plan Archont Search Segment: Chapter II: Act I – Militant God and Eternal Eutemy.

If you have not fulfilled the story quests of the character of Inadzum, you must access the event from fast start button in the lower left corner of the event menu.

Moon and Stars celebrate the day of the second: Friendship

After the end of IRODORI Poetry: Part 1, you can start the second part of the series, talking to Ootomo and Lenne in Ritou. They will ask you to make four photos of the local wildlife of Isaman. As in the previous quest, you must use the camera from the left pane of the game menu to take pictures, and not Kamera Gadget.

You can find creatures yourself by reading our leadership for all animal habitats of Omni-Ubiquity Net in Junizum. However, this quest allows you to take pictures of some animals that cannot be caught, for example, cats.

Here are some simple places to take pictures of wildlife. Keep in mind that you can take a picture of each creature only once, since all four must be unique. Be careful Do not scare animals otherwise they will run away before you have time to take a picture!

A fox

You will find a fox looking into the south of the plain by Biacco. If you fail to take a picture of it, you can find another looking at the stone a little left.

Electric crystalflary

You will find three electro crystalflies a little north of Fox in Byakko Plain. Do not forget to take a picture of them from afar, so as not to scare, or use the Say, since its passive skill will not give crystal flies.

Genshin Impact - How To Complete - (The Moon And Stars Onscribe) Day 2 Irodori Poetry Part 2 Guide


Asase Shrine is home to a lot of feline friends, so do not forget to stop to take pictures of your favorite cat. Unfortunately, no one does not count.


Go to the most eastern island of the island of Wattzumi, south of Suigetse’s pool. Stay at the same height as the teleport track point, where you will notice the crane at a distance. You need to be careful and take photos from afar, since the birds are easily swung. Alternatively, use an eloe, since its passive does not give animals that throw a bird, get frightened.


Go to the waypoint of the teleport to the right of the village of Buru, where you will find the crab near the exposure of the power lines. Be careful, as the crabs are quickly running, so make a photo from afar.

What poems to choose?

Having received all four photos of a unique wildlife, come back to the rito to learn about your progress. You will be asked to choose a launcher to complete the poem. Your favorite stanza does not affect the reward, so you do not need to strive for specific animals. After completion of “Poetry Irodori: Part 2” Do not forget to get additional fittings and other awards from Event Details as well.

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