For Lost Ark, a new roadmap was developed, which demonstrates several interesting new features. In addition to the new continent of the South Verne, players will be able to dive into battle with the newest advanced master of martial arts masters, gleover.

Glaivier is configured to will be released in April , but there is no accurate date at the moment. The road map also has plans for the release of another advanced class, the destroyer, which will be released in May.

LOST ARK ROAD MAP FINALLY HERE BIG PATCH - New Class Added Glaivier / Destroyer

Glaivier is the fifth advanced class, which joined the Martial Arts Master and joins the elite rank of Wardancer, Soulfist, Striker and Scrapper. Holding his spear and Glef in two unique sets of skills, “focus” and “squall”, Glefor regularly changes the racks in battle. In the Stack of Spear, Spear causes a storm of attacks, and in the focus rack, a longer gloa is used for “deadly blows and squeezed attacks”.

They hinted that in different builds the focus will be focused on some kind of weapons, but there is an opportunity to accumulate energy in one rack and transfer it to another. Regardless of the assembly, Glaivier promises to become another exciting supplement to the Arkesia world.

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