In Paper Mario: The Origami King there are many colorful bosses with which players can fight. Some bosses have a paper origin, like Paper Mario himself, and others are inanimate objects. You may encounter bosses, ranging from box with colored pencils and ending with a real stapler. All bosses in the end lead to the final confrontation with the king of Origami – Olli.

List of all bosses in origami king

If you include mini bosses and king Olli, then there will be about 17 different bosses for you in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Each boss has its own tricks and weaknesses that you can use. Some bosses even have more than one phase. For example, King Olli will have three stages in the battle with the boss.

This is a complete list of bosses in The Origami King:

  • Land Wellmental
  • Color Pencils – Master Rocket
  • Water wellmental
  • Rubber Tape – The Elastic Entertainment
  • Paper Macho Hooper Blouper
  • Mega Paper Macho Poker (mini boss)
  • Fire Wellemental
  • Hole punch – disco-devil
  • Ice wellmental
  • Tape – changeable sticker

Paper Mario The Origami King - All Bosses & Ending
* Sumo Bro
* Handakonda
* Paper error Zhuk-beetle (mini boss)
* Scissors – Duelist with two blades
* Paper Squadron (mini bosses / airship shooter)
* Stapler – Fly Clasp
* King Origami Olli (three-step battle with the boss)

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