Friends of digital card games, you know it certainly: On April 12, 2022 the new Hearthstone extension “Journey into the sunken city” appears. Most fresh cards have already been introduced to you. The details of the servant type Naga and the keywords colossal and mountains are known. But what about the current reward path? Will there be a new one? Which rewards wave? Blizzard has recently delivered the answers.

What about the current reward path?

If the reward path is reset with the publication of reise in the sunken city, all players will automatically receive all unclaimed rewards from the free path and the path of the Gasthauspasses (if you bought the passport). Thereafter, a completely new reward path for reise in the sunken city with new unlockable rewards occupies its place. Attention: From the publication of Patch 23.0 on 5 April 2022, successes from “split in the alteractal” no longer grant experience points.
Hearthstone: Travel to the sunken city – a new reward path is waiting for you. Source: Blizzard

What does the new free reward path look like?

The free reward path from travel to the sunken city will include the following rewards:

  • Map packs from travel to the sunken city
  • Standard packs
  • Inns
  • A random epic card
  • Two random legendary cards
  • The epic mercenary card Murky
  • the map moving sunken city
  • Lots of gold.

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In addition, 14 gold cards * and the legendary servant Ambassador Faelin wave from this set. If you conclude the reward path, you can choose one of ten returning Heroes’Skins (* JEIVE two copies of seven different cards of the set. The copies of Ambassador Faelin available on the free reward path and the 14 golden cards can not be made or disenchanted.).
Hearthstone: Travel to the sunken city – the rewards of the free reward path. Source: Blizzard

And what about the new Gasthauspass reward path?

Anyone who submits the Gasthauspass should receive access to “A a tide of brand new cosmetic rewards and EP-Boosts“. When you buy, there’s the legendary diamond card SIR FINLEY of the sea guide and an EP boost of 10 percent (which lasts throughout the remaining duration of the extension). If you buy the pass during the extension, you will also receive all items that you would have reapplace with your current level to date.
Hearthstone: Travel to the sunken city – the rewards from the Gasthauspass. Source: Blizzard
Otherwise, the Gasthauspass offers:

  • Additional EP boosts
  • The not producible golden legendary servant blade master Okani
  • The Hero Chin Ambassador Faelin Velvet Card Back
  • Three mercenary portraits for Murky

  • a new battlefield barkeeper

  • Eight battlefield herdskins
  • Eleven Hearthstone-Heroeskins
  • a new coin sky

More information about Sir Finley of the seafront, commandant Sivara and the coin skins is you experiencing this article in this article from Blizzard. What does it look like: Are you looking forward to the new Hearthstone extension?

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