It was postponed to the spring of 2023 “The Legend of Zelda Legend Breath of the Wild” sequel . It is only a few seconds in a video that conveys that postponement, but “the latest video” has become a Chira.

The comments of the series producer and Aomonuma Hanakawa will also be summarized “new information in this work” that became clearer than postponement.

# ◆ The stage of the adventure is “ground” and “sky”…

The sequel stage has already been announced not only on the ground field in the former “Zelda Legend Breath of the Wild” but also on the sky. However, according to Aouma, “” The expansioned world is not the only “.

Is there a world where you can adventure except for the ground and sky? It seems that new encounters and new plays waiting for “there” are also versatile more than the previous work.

# ◆ Whole body image of a clear link

Also in the figure of the growing link. The right arm was baked in Ganon flame and baked with a feeling of machine, and it has already been found that it was a face like a machine (a male hand?) However, this is the first time that it can be confirmed clearly so far.

Whether it is baked, his bare skin is a mystery. His hair is slightly extended, or a new costume that only made his front is just a new costume, and this will be the main visual of the sequel.

# ◆ Master Sword of Boroboro

It will be “ Master Sword ” that you are worried more than anything else. Even if you try to make it unplug, the blade is pokylized from the middle. It looks like it was corroded than it was broken to see the black discoloration.

In addition, light is from the right arm with master sode. Even in previous videos, he stopped the iron ball that falls like Vita Rock, and when he bounced towards the enemy as in the future prediction, his right arms were lighting. Some power hidden in the right arm is also effective for master sodes?

# ◆ Mystery light besides the right arm

In front of the link, the “mysterious light” of color similar to the light of the right arm is floating. You can also check how to raise master sodes. When I’m concerned about the story, how to get involved in the story along with the light of the right arm.

While a few seconds, the latest video was stuffed with the information that worried about the grown links and Boroboro’s master swords. It is disappointing that the release postponement is disappointing, but I hope to enjoy the more power-up adventure and wait for the release.