The Call of Duty series could soon get a paid abomotell, which can be read out at least from a job description of Publisher Activision Blizzard. Accordingly, it could not last so long, the ‘Cod 2.0’ model could come again this year.

COD 2.0 era with payment model

That’s why: In the already deleted job advertisement, Activision is looking for one or an Influencer & Talent Marketing Manager. As so unusual, in the job description, however, there is an interesting reference to a “COD 2.0 era”: (via CharliInel)

@LA Thieves vs @LA Guerrillas | Major II Qualifiers Week 3 | Day 1
2022 is a great opportunity for Call of Duty (COD), with an exceptional line-up on innovation in curated player experiences, multi-platform gameplay, subscription-based content, development of a mobile title, and a step towards Always-on community and player networking. We call the “cod 2.0”.

Abo service for Call of Duty? Of course, the subscription-based content is particularly interesting here. Although not more detailed, what they should involve, but of course, there would be cosmetic items and smaller bonuses that have no influence on the gameplay – such as in the recently announced subscription for GTA online.

More about the paid subscription GTA + can be found here:

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Not much known yet: Also information about possible costs or a start date of the AboServices are missing so far. Since in the tender but of 2022 is the speech, it could be so far this year. So it’s easy for us to see this feature already in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, the end of the year should appear.

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Official announcement is still missing

Since Activision has not yet officially announced the subscription service, you should enjoy this info with some caution. Although it comes from official body, but even if a paid subscription is currently planned, much can change.

That subscription models are successful, not least Sony with their PS plus service, which soon gets a complete overhaul.

What do you think of a subscription for Call of Duty and what should be included in it?