Players who can not do anything with the Souls-Like Genre and have made a big bow around Elden Ring, should now be careful.

Elden Ring - 10 BEST DEX WEAPONS You Need to Try!
The great Degen has a great special feature differently than other weapons. You can use this, although one actively holds a shield to defend.

This gives newcomers the chance to block, but at the same time attack themselves. This works very easily and goes at the expense of the condition. But beware! If you have no more condition, you will lose life because a block is impossible. But with some exercise, this works quite well and is very helpful at the beginning of the game. So you learn the mechanics of the game and can safely hide behind your shield.

How the whole works and where you can find the great sword, you can see in the video that introduces you “Spqraiden”:

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