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The BEST PS5 Controller EVER (DualSense Aim Controller 5 Months Later)

What is the best video game controller of all? You could probably defend many of them. This is a very subjective question, but you must imagine that the different iterations of the Sony Dualshock would be in the running, since it is a design that the company has reused several times. For our money, however, the dualsense is probably the best that Sony has ever produced – but how does it compare to other platforms?

Well, if you ask the public, apparently very favorably. Bafta Games has recently organized a tournament to find the best controller of all time, opposing various Pads over the years in a number of Twitter polls. In the end, it was the dualsense against Dualshock 2, and the PlayStation 5 controller prevailed:

Yes, the Dualsense has been crowned best controller of all time by vote of the public. This is a very good approval for the pad, and we would say it’s a deserving winner. There are many fantastic controllers, but the haptic return and adaptive triggers of Dualsense push it beyond the limits, and physical design is an improvement over the dualshock to virtually every respect.

Anyway, do you agree? Is the dualsense globally the best controller? Express yourself in the comments section below.