Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) announced on the 28th that the 8th anniversary of the launch of the Global Mobile Laypo Game ‘Fishing’.

‘Fishing’s God’ is a 3D real-fishing game that shirts with a simple manipulation alone, and has been steadily loved by many global game fans after launching in 2014.

Com2us conducts a variety of events to April 14, which will come to celebrate the eighth birthday of the god of fishing with fans. First of all, I have provided an attendance event that presents various popular items such as ‘6-star option initialization ticket’, and ‘Harget Equipment’. A total of 15 attendance compensation is provided during the event period, and additional compensation is given depending on the number of cumulative attendance.

In addition, users are also unfolded by the 8th anniversary of the ‘8th anniversary of the’ 8th anniversary ‘that receives various game items through enrollment. Performing missions during the event period will obtain the right to enroll, and the more application of the application, the better the acquisition of items.

Special events that can catch a limited edition fish to fit the 8th anniversary concept. Using the event goods ‘Cherry Blossom Fish Bait’, you can meet the 8th anniversary ‘Balpal Cherry Blossom Fish’, and the limited edition fish is spent when you spend a lifelong fish, the advanced item is provided as an additional compensation. Event goods can be obtained through ‘Bingo Board Event’, which is given a special compensation every time you purchase or complete the bingo line in the game.

In addition, in addition to fishing, a rich event is conducted such as “golden whale fishing”, 8th anniversary special store open, and benefit for return user, which can acquire large amounts of items.