Anyone who has already put his hands on the handle of a guitar, patiently learned the coma as you are, then the introductory arpeggio of _staiway to heaven; Anyone who has already grasped a microphone, drumming a clear box, plated his hands on a keyboard; Anyone who has already made music (except, perhaps, the light of the moon at the College) probably for a moment closed his eyes and imagined a vibrant room at the sound of his notes… to have Had the chance to be in this day dreamed, I can confirm that it is a unique, powerful, overwhelming sensation. Share so its music is a purely visceral thing, and probably the most powerful proof that music is an impalpable force, which exceeds us, capable of transporting emotions like no other art. And that’s exactly what is trying to express a musical story.

Sorry, Excuse Me | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

A musical story Explores the memories of Gabriel, a young guitarist who lives for music but, locked in a monotonous and useful life, is obliged to work at the factory to support both his needs. In favor of an evening too watered, he will convince his two musicians (a drummer and a keyboard) to leave in Road trip to participate in the Pinewood Rock Festival. Together, they will retype an old van and go on the road where discoveries await them, but also the demons of Gabriel who pursue him relentlessly.