Mixing Golf, Roguelike and Adventure, Cursed to Golf should be available on Xbox, Switch and PC Consoles this summer. His developer, Chuhai Labs, has just announced it and offers us at the same time to discover his title through a demo already available via Steam.

Clearing Golf Course Breaches and inherited mechanics from Roguelike, Cursed to Golf will challenge us to escape the Purgatory Golf by successfully arriving at the end of the 18 courses that the adventure promises. Of course, these will not fail to obstruct all kinds to cross and traps to avoid. Built as real little dungeons, these courses are thus far from those that our poor hero, fragray while he played quietly in the world from above, used to practice when he was alive.

It is now possible to make it a first idea by discovering the game through the demo that has just been published on Steam and who will remain available until Sunday, March 27th.

Video Roguelike

Cursed to Golf – Gameplay Trailer