Tron 3 Begins Filming In 2022? | Tron 3 Now Has A Flynn's Arcade Building Ready For The Movie?
Originally released in 1982, Tron of Steven Lisberger was a visually impressive science fiction film and acclaimed by criticism that combined virtual reality, video games and AI in a beloved Action Adventure starring the award-winning Acting Skills of a Young Y Mature -ze Jeff Bridges. A continuation directed by Joseph Kosinski, nicknamed Tron: Legacy, arrived in 2010 and received a decent critical reception, before becoming a financial success with a worldwide block of $ 400.1 million.

But what about so rumored threequel? In fact, since 2017, rumors have been circulated on a third Tron movie starring Jared Sugad Squad on a leading role. Here is the last thing about if there will be a 3 tron ​​movie in the future.

Will there be a Tron 3 movie?

Yes, we can confirm that a Tron 3 film, supposedly called internally as Tron: Ares, is currently in process. However, it is difficult to know how advanced development is. It is likely that the long-awaited sequel is in preproduction, which means that the script, the actors and the places of filming are still being finalized.

After a recent interview with Jared Leto (H / T, Screen Rant), it seems that some official ads on the third are around the corner. Specifically, the Blade Runner actor 2049 said:

I am a super fan of Tron and we are working hard at Tron with our incredible partners in Disney. Simply an incredible group of creative people. We are approaching. Every time we are closer and who knows. Something can be [eating] better late than never.

There you have it. A sequel to Tron 3 is absolutely on the cards, and it seems that soon more official information will come directly from Disney.

And that’s all for today. We hope that this guide about will there be a sequel to Tron 3? Helped you to get more news, tips and tricks, be sure to look for Acting Skills.

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