The problems are still stacked for the people of Activision Blizzard , since once again, the company has been sued by one of its current employees who, for obvious reasons, preferred to stay in anonymity. This demand was already processed in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County Last Wednesday March 23 by lawyer Lisa Bloom, and here we tell you what it goes.

According to information about Bloomberg , the applicant alleges that “for years, the fraternity guys’ environment of Activision Blizzard fostered sexism, harassment and discrimination unbridled with 700 reported incidents that occurred under the Supervision of CEO Robert Kotick. “ That is, it is a new demand for sexual harassment and discrimination, as happened earlier.

On the other hand, she points out that multiple employees of Activision Blizzard were constantly victims of sexual comments, as well as inappropriate behavior by his companions. The plaintiff mentions that some of the company’s executives became a blind eye before these behaviors, and only saw them as an effort to be friendly and make friends with these workers. Due to the harassment he suffered, the plaintiff demanded to change the area in which she worked within Activision Blizzard , and although the company did this permit, they also reduced the salary and her status.

Recall that in addition to this demand, Activision Blizzard is also facing another recent by guilty homicide. You can read the details about this case in the following link.

Activision Blizzard Workers Walk Out, Demand CEO Bobby Kotick Resign After Bombshell WSJ Article

Editor’s note: How sad these cases continue to leave, and then everything indicates that things within Activision Blizzard were actually much more rotten than we thought. I sincerely hope that with the arrival of Microsoft, this study manages to redeem and not only end with this kind of cases within the company, but also return to give us these games so memorable and dear.