Players returned to enjoy the latest Destiny 2 add-on, The Witch Queen, may face a new “funny” error. And no, this time, most likely, it’s not about Telesto. Passing the main campaign “Queen Witch”, players reported an error related to two quests: “Flame ignition” and “riding on the bora”.

In fact, players receive notifications that the quests are not fulfilled and they need to go through. It seems that the error does not affect progress, and Bungie knows about it. In the Twitter report, made on February 25, 2022, Bungie Help support said that the quests “may be mistakenly provided to veterans as a result of previous corrections and cannot be discarded. Players can perform quests to remove them from their inventory. “

So, for those who are not lucky to get these harmless mistakes, Bungie is still working on correction. Guardians can either wait for hotfix, or again execute missions to remove the message. As can be seen, no good deed remains unpunished, since this error is the result of the elimination of another error. Fortunately, this time it is rather harmless and does not break the game.

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