After the referee assistant Christian Gittenmann was hit by a beverage cup from the auditor’s ranges, the home game of the Bochumer against the Gladbacher last Friday (27 / matchday) in the 69th minute was initially under- and then thoroughly broken off. With the score of 0: 2 from the point of view of the hosts.

Bochum vs Gladbach in Bundesliga ABANDONED after linesman hit on head with beer thrown by ‘stupid...

Since then, it is assumed that the game is considered in favor of the guests, ie the Borussia. Background: When a beer cup made a line judge when a beer cup had met, FC St. Pauli was sentenced to a ghost game. The game was scored 2: 0 for the then opponent Schalke 04.

But the club from Castroper Straße wants to prevent that – and in turn speaks for a game repetition. The club and his lawyer Horst Klichke confirmed the Sport Information Service (SID) on Wednesday a report of the “picture”.

“The offenders have bought completely legal his drink”

Foundation of this argument: “The offenders have bought his drink completely legally and the club no fault at the offense,” said Climke with reference to the legal and rules of procedure of the German Football Federation (DFB). “That’s why the game has to be repeated.”

In exact here is paragraph 18, point 4, underlying. Here it says: “If a federal play without the fault of both teams is aborted prematurely, so it is to be repeated in the same place. If a team or association or both clubs meets a fault at the score, the game is the culprit with 0: 2 Losts for lost, the innocent with 2: 0 goals for values ​​won. “

Regardless of the output, the police also determined in this case – because of dangerous personal injury. The control board of the DFB has also included investigations. At the end of the game rating and a possible penalty, the DFB Sports Court decides. The Bochumers have already had to present their report, but got a deadline extension by Thursday.

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