In Tunic, you will explore the world and come across a lot of dangerous enemies. Although these ordinary enemies are able to kill you, there are fights with bosses that can be more complex and deadly. One of them includes Garden Knight.

How to defeat the knight garden

The Knight Garden has three main attacks in the tunic. The first hit the sword three times . When the garden Knight strikes with his weapon, dodge with each impact . You will have a few seconds after the attack to strike back.

The second attack will see how the Knight garden shoots in you several lasers. We recommend get closer to the boss as well as step aside immediately before starting shooting. You can just stand aside and attack. Raise your shield and block the lasers if you are afraid.

The third type of attack – when the Knight of the garden waves his the arc’s sword around him, and then strikes his weapon down . Hold the distance or lift your shield to block the arc for this attack. Be prepared to evade the attack by cotton anyway.

Tips for Knight Garden in Tunica


In-game guide recommends to have three attacks and protection . Although this is not necessary, it will facilitate the fight. We have achieved great success using Magic dagger and ice bombs freeze the Knight of the garden while he prepared an attack.

Managing your endurance is key in this battle, as the garden knight quickly attacks and can easily kill you if you end endurance. Try to save your deviation when it uses an attack with three blows. Two other types of attacks can be avoided without evinsing.

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