Since the players move in the direction of the late game of Elden Ring, some things may not be so clear where to go. The game tells you loosely where you need to go, in the form of weak traditions, the lines on the Sites of Grace and perhaps from the missable dialogue. As soon as you have reached Leyndell, the street could of course end there, but that’s not the case. You will fight against Godfrey and ask you where you will go. Here we show you where to go after you have defeated Godfrey in Elden Ring.

Where to win over Godfrey in Elden Ring

Depending on where they are in history, there are two cases in which they fight against Godfrey. The first is when you fight him as a golden ghost form in Leyndell. While this boss does not get a proper intermediate sequence, though it is a mandatory boss , there are considerable progress here. After defeating him, you have to go to the bedroom of the queen in the northeast.

Note that you will only come across an enemy between this boss fight and your next main goal and directly on Morgott, the Omen King. If you want to perform farms or quests for Levels to get better equipment, you should do so in advance. The fight is almost identical, as it largely has the same moveset like Margit, The Fur Omen, but with a few new moves.

The second case where you need to go to Godfrey leadership, if you actually fight against him. After the first Elden Lord was overthrown, it is now just directly the stairs up. If you remember after defeating morgott, the way was blocked by this staircase by the impenetrable thorn wall.

Now, since the impenetrable thorns of the Elden Throne are burned, only remains to rush Radagon from the Golden Order into the Elden Beast. They are the last bosses, so make sure they know with these practical guides what end to seek them. Elden Ring is very true when it comes to achieving one of the three ends. So see if you want to decide for the end of Frenzied Flame or Age of the Stars.

ELDENRING is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S / X and PC.

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