Developer’s Deppresick Team announced on March 18th, first-person viewing horror remorse: the list ” to be released on April 22, 24th. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam).

“Remorse: THE LIST” is a classic survival horror. The stage is the small town of Hungary Hidegpuszta. Here, it seems that the existence of horrible variants is 跋扈. The player will unlike what happens with Hidegpuszta and have to survive. The clue is a list of mystery to get the main character. At first glance, tours are unknown, and the player should search Hidegpuszta every corner and unlike the secret.

This work is expanded about a list for which the main character is obtained. Gameplay is designed open and it seems to be dependent on the player’s choose whether to unlike the secret from any part of the list. Sometimes the battle with monsters can not be avoided. In this work, a firewrox and a near-field weapon are prepared, and in the trailer, it is possible to face the monster with a hand gun, a full-automatic gun, a gm, and the like.


“Remorse: The List” is also characterized by the fact that the player’s inventory is limited. Each item to be obtained consumes 1 to 2 slots. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the items used for weapons and emergency kits, ammunition and stage puzzles while doing well.

This work should be made of Unreal Engine 4. DePPresick Team, which is working on development, is originally a team that was working on MOD production. As a past work, the Horror MOD “Mistake-1” for “HALF-LIFE” in 2008 and “HALF-LIFE 2: Episode Two” Horror MOD “Grey” for 2012 is released. It seems that “Remorse: THE LIST” was developed using the know-how of this horror work production. Although the animator was a vacancy that the animator is a vacancy, it will finally be a new year and finally announced.

“Remorse: The List” is scheduled to be delivered on the PC on April 22nd at STeam.