Capcom has been very busy updating street Fighter V with a plethora of new fighters and new modes, hoping to turn around its imperfect launch of 2019. And some progress has been made, although some people – like The artist Bosslogic – are already wondering about a suite.

Street Fighter V - March 2022 Update Trailer

The popular artist, who had already proposed a number of works based on video games, has recently stimulated the Internet by offering a fascinating vision of _ Street-Playstation 5 could offer. It carries the logo of the system, as well as the figure “6” in flames, associated with one of the Gloves of Ryu. It’s a fantastic art, and you can see it below with “# SF6 soon!”

Just keep in mind that this is not an official confirmation. In fact, shortly after Bosslogic published art, _ Street-producer Yoshinori Ono praised it – but asked for a little more time for the future.

In his tweetono noted: “Waouh! I feel honored that you have chosen @streetfighter for your Pierre illustration! But he then added, “However, it’s too early, is not it? Could you please wait 10 years…? “

So no, street Fighter 6 is not in the pipeline, as sfv continues to be the ono target. At least for now. In addition, we could all use a new darkstalkers first right? How long have we waited for us?

In the meantime, Bosslogic did a fantastic job with art – and let us ask for what a fiery Ryu would make an opponent like Akuma.

Street Fighter V is currently available for PlayStation 4 and PC.