Apex Legends Mobile is finally open for pre-registration, and to celebrate it, the player can get a bunch of exclusive cosmetic objects as a reward for pre-registration. The number of awards depends on the number of players who have passed the preliminary registration, and all of them are decorated in red and black themes. Apex Legends Mobile in many ways is different from Apex Legends, and these awards are an excellent way to use content for mobile devices. Here are all rewards for pre-registration in Apex Legends Mobile.

All awards for pre-registration Apex Legends Mobile

At the time of writing this article, four out of five awards have already been unlocked, but there is no doubt that the fifth is also unlocked. If additional rewards are added, this manual will be appropriately updated. Currently, the only legend with cosmetics in this list is Bloodhound. The only weapon with cosmetics is currently P-99.

Founder icon (500,000 preliminary registrations)

Bloodhound banner frame (1,000,000 preliminary registrations)

Apex Legends Mobile: Pre-Registration Trailer

Bloodhound Banner Pose (2 500,000 Preliminary Registrations)

Epic skin R-99 (5,000,000 preliminary registrations)

Epic icon appearance (10,000,000 preliminary registrations)

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