The PS5 looks like modern and elegant in white, but that’s not everyone’s taste. Fitting to the dualSense controllers, which there are now in a whole range of colors, you can also customize your PS5. There are currently console covers in two colors: Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. Cover in other colors are already announced, but are not yet for sale.

Since the PS5 Standard Edition (also Disc Edition) differs from the Digital Edition in the form, it is important to ensure that the right model is ordered. By default, the side plates at Amazon 59.99 euros, The version in Cosmic Red is currently available for 49.33 euros (standard edition) or 46.41 euros (Digital Edition).

Here are the PS5 console cover for 59,99 € at Amazon

Create your PS5 so that you fits you

Who might worried now, somehow damage his hard fights PS5 when attaching the side plates can be reassured. Both the manufacturer and customer the assembly is described as very simple.

You just take the White Cover fastened with a click mechanism and exchanges it through the new version – without screws and hammering. Of course, there is also a mounting instructions that explain it to step-by-step.

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The PS5 is colorful: Official side plates in 5 colors revealed


These are the variations that you can buy at Amazon:

  • PS5 Console Cover (Standard Edition) Midnight Black
  • PS5 Console Cover (Standard Edition) Cosmic Red
  • PS5 Console Cover (Digital Edition) Midnight Black
  • PS5 Console Cover (Digital Edition) Cosmic Red

Mix-and-match with dualSense

As already mentioned, the dualSense wireless controllers for the PS5 are also available in different colors. Not only do the cool look out, they also have technical improvements over the older models: The trigger mechanics has been improved to prevent stick drift. Meanwhile, new controllers are also equipped in the standard colors white and black with the innovations.

The controllers are currently besides black and also knows in red, pink, purple and blue. Whether you are now a simple, black console cover to your black dualsense, or put together funny color combinations from console and controller, can You choose yourselire for your mood.

Here are the PS5 controllers in different colors at Amazon:

  • PS5 DUALSENSE Wireless Controller White
  • PS5 DUALSENSE Wireless Controller Midnight Black
  • PS5 DUALSENSE Wireless Controller Starlight Blue
  • PS5 DUALSENSE Wireless Controller Galactic Purple
  • PS5 DUALSENSE Wireless Controller Nova Pink
  • PS5 DUALSENSE Wireless Controller Cosmic Red

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