Hypergly has released a teaser of a new “argument”, a new “argument: endfield” based on today (16th), Mobile Defense RPG ‘murdering’.

The previous ‘argument’ has developed civilization based on Orinium, but due to that due to the spread of the ore disease and various disasters, there is a defense RPG on stage. In the ark, the user is a pharmaceutical company that studies the treatment of ore disease, “Rhodes Island”, and mediators the conflict between the ore disease infected person and the non-infected person, and to explore the various risk factors that exist in the terra planet. I have been dispatched and I have done it.

This is a 30-second annual teaser ‘s official ark: endfield is also closely related to research facilities. There is no logo that represents Rhodes Island or line wrap, and the link between the organizations in the previous work could not be confirmed, but various research facilities such as the blackboard and instrument that were released as furniture, etc. With him, the logo of the end-industries, which is a new group that did not appear in the previous work through SNS and YouTube channels, was released.

The teaser’s comment is mentioned that the information of the pioneer’s search, such as the navigation of the pioneer, such as ‘change is the forefront’, and the elements of the genre, etc., but the teaser, This teaser was released not only in Korea, as well as global, and Japanese official channels, and in the meantime, the Global Official Homepage of Endfield was also opened with video disclosure. On the official website, the concept trailer is expected to be released at the time of notifying the disclosure of additional information at 12:00 pm on the 18th.

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Arrangement: End field genre and platform are still understood, and detailed information can be checked through official website and official cafes.