The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only “I don’t know what kind of game!” And I am not a GAME * SPARK reader. Therefore, it will be “explosion play repo” that delivers the contents of the game of game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver live content about “Distant Worlds 2″ **, which was released from Slitherine on March 11, 2022.

# “Distant Worlds 2”

This work that CodeForce works is the latest work of 4x strategy “Distant Worlds” series, which is set to the universe. Compared to the previous work, the graphic became 3D and the process was accelerated. The player aims to win an empire consisting of a galaxy style, exploring unknown areas, the development of the territory of self-power, the development of an extended territory, and the eradication of the hostile power.

The biggest feature of this work is that almost all of the operation can be left to AI and automated. You can also complete a specific area, and you can also determine if you want to transfer AI’s advice to run yourself each time. Of course, it is also possible to manually issue instructions. The Judgment of AI is quite accurate, and it can be focused and played in the field of interest except for important aspects.

# Close to the contents of “Distant Worlds 2”!

Before you start the game, first, we will decide the play condition that can be said to be a 4x strategy promise. There are very many items that can be customized to victory conditions from the shape of the galaxy, but it is about the name of the tribe and the empire that you have to determine the minimum, so it will not be confused in the first play. Tribes are provided with seven types including humanity, and per tribe, planets that are suitable for colonies, planets suitable for colonies, and other tribes, and their preferences are different.

In this play, the main character has chosen the third mouse seed tican (Teekan). Tatkan is a natural merchant who likes the desert and is also a good miner. The name of the empire is “Camembert Empire” and the government was a default commercial association (Mercantile Guild). All other settings remain the default.

By the way, winning conditions can be set freely in combination with multiple conditions. If all victory conditions are turned off, it will be sandbox mode without victory.

# Front gadder age

The Camembert Empire was born on the desert planet in the galaxy ‘s side. Technology is still primitive and just listed the first step of the universe.

The Camembert people who found an ancient spacecraft left on the planet remembered that they were the descendants of the nomads that we put in the universe. Now this is the time to go out of this planet and jump to the universe. However, the discovered spacecraft does not work. If you don’t give up, you will leave this star system in the near future and return to the world of stars.

The game starts with such a deployment. Since there is an unknown ruins on the planet in the same star system, we first headed the survey ship possessed from the beginning. Because the technology is immature, the moving speed of the survey ship is slow, and it takes time to reach the next planet even if the game travel speed is up to the maximum. This work progresses in real time, but it can be paused at the desired timing. Progressing speeds can be adjusted to three stages.

When I was waiting for the arrival of the survey ship, I advised that the game should be next. It looks like a normal tutorial, but the advice is not a tutorial but a basic function to use it after being familiar with playing.

Since he was advised to create a space port and the second survey ship on the capital star, we instructed to consume funds and to build them. If you accept the advice, press the accept button to execute an advice command. There is no need to make an instruction by one by one.

The Space Port is completed earlier than the first survey ship that sent out to the destination arrives. The second survey booster automatically started a survey of asteroid zone around the capital star and discovered new species of resources one after another. In addition, the construction ship automatically starts to build a mining station just by following the advice.

Distant Worlds 2 - (Space Empire Strategy Game)
Technology research is also automated, and in some cases the first technology “initial warp field experiment” is completed. The Camembert Empire has obtained ultra-light fast navigation, and the way to the stars has led.

Thus, the automation function of this work is very powerful. Some instructions are automated by default and can be played hardly if they follow advice. It is possible to set which instructions to automate and manually instruct which instruction manually, and to play only your favorite field if you get used to it.

This automation feature is very nice for beginners. However, if it relies on too much, I felt that the fun of thinking about the strategy and the “pleasure to discover unknown things” specific to the universe 4x strategy was impaired. The first play is a new species of resources and ultra-light fast navigation and I want to discover the player’s own hand.

At this time, the empire has already owned 15 survey vessels and construction ships. You may think that beginners will exceed the limits that can be managed, but spacecraft will act with fully automatic play. You can see the excellence of the automation function.

After this, the number of spacecraft and planets to be managed increased more and more, and it became impossible to manually instruct everything to all. Automation is an essential element to play this work, but completely automated everything will not play the player. Determine the field you want to control, and it may be the secret to play any other automation.

# Start of the Galactic era

The interface of this work is intuitive, and a kind tutorial is attached to each screen.

Among them, it is characteristic, but the empire, diplomacy, military, etc., which are lined up at the top left of the screen. If you match the cursor to the button in each field, the window is temporarily open and data in that area will be displayed, and if you want to release the cursor. Thanks to this interface, even if you do not click the button one by one, you can only move data in each field simply by moving the mouse. Of course, you can also fix the window open with one click.

I was looking at the first aliens when I was looking at the Imperial Circle that the empire expanded in the star system without work for a while. The opponent of the first contact has been a space pirate, and it has been requested to “pay money because you protect from the external enemy.” Camembert Empire is still not having a warship, so accept pirate requests and connect “Defense Treaty”.

After encountering a pirate, he was built a spacecraft according to the advice, and the first space fleet was born in any time. However, immediately after that, the balance of funds will be degraded rapidly. The cause of the deficit was the maintenance cost of the fleet. However, while thinking about measures, the balance will soon return to the surplus.

In fact, the allocation of budget was automated by default. Unless you don’t do anything, the balance will automatically be in the income. This is also a useful feature, but it is difficult to understand which spending is reduced and it is difficult to know if it is profitable. In this case, the budget of colony growth and technical research was cut off and the deficit was filled.

Finally the survey of planets who first dispatched survey vessels are completed. Ancient big minoyama was discovered and a spacecraft who left the ancient tican was found. A search may cause events and may be required to be important. Each vias have a unique story, and events related to the story also occur.

In this event, we have decided to invest in spacecraft research or investment in the repair of mining equipment. The event does not know the result until the event is selected. When I chose a spacecraft research by intuition, I got a “stable warp field” technology.

Technology is a random tree-like manner for each play, and by default it can only be seen to the following technology of researched technology. This setting can be changed with options at the start of the game. Technology research requires initial cost, and you can accelerate research if you pay additional costs.

As warp technology advances, survey vessels have begun to advance out of the capital of the capital one after another. It is the beginning of the Galactic era. There is no route decided between the stars, and spacecraft can freely navigate space. However, because there is a fuel concept, it can not be reached infinitely.

Investigating the surrounding area of ​​the Metropolitan Metropolitan system, independent colonies living aliens were discovered one after another. Camembert Empire takes an independent colony and trade agreement, and we will build mining stations and research stations in each star system.

# Enlargement of empire

Discover a space monster consisting of silicon during the survey of the spanishi system. Since the advice was given to deal with the threat, I turned the space fleet. However, there is no hand in front of a huge space monster that preyes a spacecraft. Although he noticed huge damage and withdrawing the remaining ship, it has become a catastrophe that will destroy half of the space fleet.

The advice of this work is excellent but not all-purpose. This incident has been a lesson that it has to judge yourself without taking advantage of the advice in an important scene where the empire was lived.

At this time, the finance of the Camembert Empire was tight. It is the cause of “defense expenses” to pay for space pirates. When the payment to the pirate was stopped to improve the balance, the pirates started to attack the mining station in each Empire. The space fleet is not recovering from defeats against space monsters, and there is no power to eliminate pirates. After all, I had to put apologies to the pirates and once again tied the “Defense Treaty”.

Under such an empire, I first met other empires. The character of the empire is “Tikan Consortium”. As the name implies, in the same tactan empire, the government is the same commercial association. It was friendly from the beginning or the first, and soon with a free trade agreement, an invasion of an immigration, an immigration treaty.

Diplomacy is important to the relationship between the two countries. The good relationship is represented by the magnitude of the numbers, and its value is determined by various factors. All the internal breakdowns are displayed in an easy-to-understand manner, and the amount of change will also be displayed if it changes over time. Negotiations can not only connect the treaty, but also to trade funds, maps, technologies, resources, etc.

As the area of ​​the empire expanded, the threat of the space monster also increased. The space fleet that plays reconstruction is very busy to destroy the monsters found in various places. While manually dealing with monsters, the enlargement work of the empire was completely automated, but no inconvenience did not occur here.

Eventually, the space pirate has been searching for the conclusion of the impression of the impression of the space fleet that is steadily enhanced. Camembert empire approved this. So far, it has been a relationship to “defense” unilaterally from pirates, but it has finally had a comparable relationship. After that, pirates now come to market technology and maps.

Game victory conditions are common to all races and those specific to races. In fact, Tatkans had a victory condition that “most of the most unbellage is linked”, and it was also to meet this condition that tied the pirate and impression control.

# Sun

The Kamanvale Empire is 2nd place when the known area spreads and eight empire was discovered. The first place is the first neighboring Tikan co-business company. Tikan co-company was buying the immigration treaty and built colonies one after another in our power z1. Meanwhile, the Camembert Empire can not easily eliminate the space monster in the side of the side, and the extension is stagnant.

During the growing tensions of both countries, Tikan co-company has started war with Mortalen’s Empire. Mortalen is a Ryujin family who is good at war, but the battle difference between the two countries is overwhelmingly dominant to Tikan co-business. However, as the war progressed, the battle power of Tikan co-company was rapidly decreased. The Camembert Empire, who has detected that the neighboring country was weakened to the capital city, destroys the All Treaty and declares the Tikan co-company.

Tikan co-company fleet has caught up to the capital of our capital. However, the number does not reach half of the whole handset. War with Mortareni seems to be long and it does not seem to be able to turn all overalls here.

A space monster who had left unforgettable in this star system. If you look at it as it is, the enemy fleet who does not know the proposal, rushes into a battle with the space monster. In addition, the Camembert Empire will quickly dispatch the space fleet that was gathered up in the capital.

Enemy flagships are explosions in response to the intense attack of the space monster. Although the monster was destroyed, half of the enemy fleet was destroyed. There is a warpout in the form that the Camembert fleet surrounds the enemy. The winning and defeat of the war has decided.

At that time, the war of the huge Empire came out in the place of the galaxy. Tikan is good for diplomacy and trade, but the war is not good. Playing, can the Camembert empire go through the galaxy’s turbulence and become a winner?

This continuation is to spin the galaxy history with your own hand.

# Advanced Automation Characteristic Space 4x Strategy Works

This work is Universe 4x strategy with advanced automation functions. The world view is a classic, but it is possible to play more thorough automation that you can play only the field of interest, and you can play different ways from the traditional universe 4x strategy. You can also use the built-in editor to freely edit the star and power of plays during play.

If you like 4x strategy, it is a recommended work for those who like SF set in the universe.