A new _ relief 2_ The character has been potentially filtered after previously hidden at full view. A Digilance 2 The closed beta of PVP will arrive in April. In spite of this, Blizzard has not yet revealed a single new character as well as Sojurn, which will be the beta. That said, surely there will be more new characters in addition to Sojurn. Maybe these characters are not ready for the beta closed, but there must be more than one in the final launch of the game, right? Well, only time will tell you, but meanwhile, some fans believe that they may have discovered one of these hypothetical new heroes.

More specifically, in Reddit, a player raised a question to other players who involved a character who handed a sword in the background of an official screenshot of the game, with the question of whether or not it was about a new character that is I presented in the sequel. Of course, nobody has the answer to that, but it would not be the first time that Blizzard mocks a character in the game before adding it later.

Below, you can see the RedDit publication for yourself:

Overwatch 2 Hero Magnus! from

Overwatch 2 Beta Is Here | Developer Update

Competitive supervision

At the time of publication, Blizzard has not addressed this speculation in any way and, since he never comments on speculation, we do not expect this to change, but if he moves from this policy of silence, we will let him know.

Digilance 2 is under development for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Still the release date or the game that will reach PS5, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

“In Digilance 2, players will assume the roles of the heroes of the world in cooperative missions that challenge them to form teams, boost and stay united against an overwhelming outbreak of threats around the world,” reads in an official Blizzard commentary about the game. They also fight together in the next evolution of competition _Supervision Play, which carries out the achievements of existing players and booty collections and presents the current full Supervision List, a new generation of heroes, new internationally recognizable maps that expand the scope of the world, a new type of Push and more map ».