If you are one of the many Anillo of Elden players who have not yet defeated the first great head of the game, even with a traditional driver and an optimized configuration, we have some potentially discouraging news for you: Someone beat Godrick The Grafted using bananas. The player who calls himself Super Louis 64 did not do it with a twisted in the form of banana anillo by Elden Arma, but he did it with a literal cluster of bananas manipulated to different anillo of Elden entries.

For those who do not believe that this could have happened, you can see a video next to Super Louis 64 that shows the creator of content hitting Godrick with a lot of bananas. With several bananas placed in front of him, the intelligent modder could touch different bananas to emit commands such as rolling, attacking and general movement. The result is the end of Godrick’s fight that seems to be played in a normal controller with how easy it seemed to be.

Now that you have seen that it is possible, you can see the video below to show how the banana configuration works. We do not intend to understand the finest details of banana compatibility configuration with game, but each banana is configured for different entries required to play. Anillo de Elden. However, not all game entries are available, with only the basic survival commands configured to use with bananas. After developing something of “banana muscle memory” by using them as a normal controller, Super Louis 64 could pass from fighting normal enemies on foot and on horseback to fight against Godrick himself.

The same content creator also managed to reproduce Anillo by Elden with a Justte of the controller ring not long before the banana getaways. A video a year ago shows them beating _almas dark in its entirety with banana controllers, but for now we have only seen Godrick defeated in Elden_ through this method.

Elden Ring, but I Play with a BANANA Controller

Banana controllers or not, Godrick has proven to be quite difficult for people who can progress on the initial parts of Elden_’s initials with or without problems. He is a mandatory chief, which means that you will have to continue trying or follow your own anime training arc to return later and overcome it, but once you do it, you can join the ranks of many others who have triumphed. Godrick