With the start of season 15 was introduced in August 2021 in Destiny 2 CrossSplay and since then players can play on consoles, for example, with PC-Zockers and be mated in multi-playing. As part of this customization, the bungie name was also introduced so that all Destiny Accounts could be consolidated via the various gaming platforms. These bungiides consist of the previous account name and a four-digit number, so that it really does not get any confusion.

All sorts of players, however, have noticed that their account has been called 2021 Guardian # XXXX since August 2021 – the X stand for any number combination. Why? Because she has violated naming guidelines by Steam in the Bungie name system. Destiny’s people promised that at some point a unique opportunity is granted to change the bungie name. And this possibility has come… at least for most players.

Change bungie name – how does it work?

Each player with an account at Bungie can now change the bungie name once. You do this by logging in to Bungie.net in your Bungie account. Click on your profile picture and navigate to settings under “View Profile”. Identity positions see your bungie name you can change there. Do not forget to save your settings and remember that you can change the name only once. You should refrain from choosing an obscene name, because first, you will not go through and, secondly, that was probably the reason why it was probably why You are now sinking with Guardian Day through the game for half a year.

However, there is also problems how the people of Bungie have communicated Via Twitter.

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2 FREE New Emblems & Bungie Name Change | Destiny 2
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Accordingly, there is probably some Destiny 2 player in which the first-time and unique name change of bungai seems to be possible. The developers are looking for a solution to the problem. If you should be affected, then the bungiehelp account on Twitter keeps an eye on the bungiehelp account. Problem solving dive there quite fast and are shared with the player’s shape.

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