On the 20s of the Korean Koreans, Yun, the elected, will start the go to the presidential president after his inauguration on May 10th. The election that was fierce is now turned back and is now when discussing the future.

Yoon Seok-yeol wins South Korea's presidential election

The direction of the new government can be guessed through the delegate of Yun Defense. If you want to extract a pledge directly in the game area, it is possible to extract only the pledge. ▲ Probabilized item probability Transparent ▲ E-sports area Establishment ▲ Establishment of the game in the game ▲ Establishment of a dedicated investigation ▲ It is representative of 52 hours of improvement.

There is not clearly revealed, but there is also a guess possible. Yun, a lunarian, said, ‘The civilians have led to growth, and the government supported the “greeting to support this. He said he said he would actively utilize regulatory sandboxes and negative regulations for corporate growth. This allows you to be a certain degree of directionality to the NFT-P2E game. It also shows that it will take a statement that will take a hard diplomatic attitude toward China and North Korea.

Readers’ response is a variety of options. Game Mecca ID Devil is a “I wonder if it’s a high spot, but it’s natural, but I want to achieve the ability and achievements of your abilities and your commitment to the false, Do you have to write? ” From the opinion that the number of prints is important, ID Myland “is a negative opinion, such as” one or two times… “, such as the Negative Comments, ID Generalo,” Like a rope, there is also a comment that would like to keep it like “Mausea and Woody.”

If you are a personal wind, the new government would like the president to appear on the game Mecca Manpyeong. If the politician appeared to be full of politicians, more than 90% were negative issues. Oh, of course, it is welcome any time as a positive issue!