Anillo de Elden owns a 96 in Metacritic and has already sold millions and millions of copies. However, a person who is not as impressed as apparently all on the Internet is the popular YouTube transmitter, DR lack of respect. In fact, Two-time not only does not enjoy the game as much as the others, but the initial impressions of him were quite negative. While many have been overlooked the performance problems of the game, their crooked camera and the routine required, Dr. Disrespect has not been overlooked by these aspects of the role play, however, it seems to be appearing slowly in the Last fromSoftware experience.

Dr Disrespect initially gave the game a 6 over 10 after a week of playing it, and pointed out that he had a “terrible camera” and that he required too much work. The last score of it for the game is not so low, but the Youtube transmitter still has problems with the game. Now, Two-Time thinks that the game has an 8.8 or 8.9, which is still considerably lower than the many perfect scores that the game has received, scores that Two-Time can not understand.

“Many things from the camera are happening in third person I do not like,” said Dr. Disrespect. “I do not want my camera to cross the bodies of creatures. It seems that we spent a lot of time seeing those things when we fight against bosses. How can you fix that? I do not know, I’ve heard that the design of the camera in third person is difficult ».

Dr. Disrespect concluded his criticism of the game by criticizing the game menus, which he claims that they are “clumsy”. And to be fair, they do not have the most aerodynamic design.

Like Dr. Disrespect, we do not reward anillo de Elden A perfect score in our game review, but we praised fromSoftware for its ambitious evolution.

What rating will DrDisrespect give Elden Ring?
“If the previous sets of fromSoftware are considered individual successes, and anillo of wood, it feels like the collection of ‘great successes’ of the developer,” is read at the beginning of our review. «Play as the culmination of all the intelligent ideas that fromSoftware has had along its exhausting games, at the same time that you find ways to take advantage of the opaque experience that the study has created over the years. The jokes that refer to him as ‘_almas 4‘ were not far away, but he manages to be much more than that too. “