Chocobo GP – Racing Final Fantasy style from Square Enix. On March 10, 2022, he was released for Nintendo Switch at a price of $ 49.99. Although Chocobo GP is a paid game, some fans are wondering if there is a microtransaction in Chocobo GP.

Answer yes- In Chocobo GP there are microtransactions, and they are very aggressive . That the premium in-game currency is called mythril. and can only be purchased through Nintendo Eshop. You can earn small amounts using a weekly bonus for an entrance and a one-time bonus for entering the first season, but you cannot earn mythril in the game.

how much is myfril in chocobo gp

  • 1000 Mithril – $ 9.99

Chocobo GP Microtransactions Review - Is It Worth It ? - Chocobo GP Prize Pass Explained
* 3100 Mifrila – 27.99 dollars
* 5700 Mifrilov –
45.99 dollars
* 11 400 Mithril – $ 81.99

Mythril is required to purchase a prize subscription, seasonal Chocobo GP subscription. Awards in this are terrible, consisting of stickers, Gil (one more currency) and a popular Claud character at 60. You cannot earn myfril through the skip so you will need to buy more of this currency if you want the next seasonal subscription.

When expires the deadline of myfril in Chocobo GP?

To make it worse, Mofril can expire at the end of the month, five months after its acquisition. This means that you can’t just save your myfril for additional purchases. This microtranscation system is predictive.

In addition to MyThril, there are two more in-game currencies, although they cannot be bought for real money. These are tickets that can be earned in the game, and Gil, which can be earned by performing tasks and using the prize subscription. Unfortunately, the popular character Skolla Leonhart can only be obtained with Gille, which means you have to work hard if you want to participate in racing for this character.

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