My OLED Switch Finally Burned In...
A new OLED test from Nintendo Switch has discovered how long it takes any kind of remarkable screen burning. A common concern with OLED screens rotates around the static images that are permanently shown on the screen, regardless of what you are seeing or playing. Many people have experienced this by constantly seeing the same television network, particularly news chains that have many logos and on-screen elements that are not largely moving. After a long period of time, these images will be recorded on the screen and, sometimes, it will be necessary to replace the screen. Now that Nintendo has adopted OLED technology on his last console, many wonder if Nintendo Switch is also prone to this problem.

Thanks to YouTuber Wulff Den, it seems incredibly difficult to get some kind of remarkable burn at the Nintendo Switch Oled. Although it is not a breakthrough since the standard Nintendo Switch, OLED switch is a visual pleasure and many do not want to compromise. After leaving the console in a static image for 3600 hours, a smaller amount of burnt was discovered, but it was still relatively minor. Wulff Den estimated that he would take another 1800 hours leave the console on the same static screen before it approaches a problem.

However, unless a player only plays a game with many elements of the user interface that do not move or simply never turn off the screen, it is unlikely that someone will face this type of problem. It would take years to someone replicate this under any kind of normal game habits. Actually, it is a great testimony of the OLED screen in this model of Nintendo Switch, it seems built to last and will continue to give players an optimal experience that can enjoy without anxiety. Although it is not 100% guaranteed to avoid burning, it seems that it would be quite difficult to achieve.

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