One of the best ways to farm rokakaku or rock in Project Star is to visit the Brando garden. The whole garden is filled with rocakka fruit plantations. To get inside the garden Brando, players must execute the quest, offered Captain Niko NPC in Mobile base Speedwagon .

(Project Star) How To Get The BRANDO GARDEN KEYCARD

Where to find Captain Niko NPC?

Captain Niko is not NPC, originally found on the basis of Mobile Speedwagon. It will appear only after you meet with Crusaders . To get to the meeting of the Crusaders, you will need to execute the quest offered by Captain Sig as well as Captain Jones .

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You can easily find Captain Niko outside the tent in left side of the tent of the Crusader . Talk to him, and the quest will begin.

Quest Captain Niko

Captain Niko asks you to sneak into the brando industry. For this you visit the Brando Industry on the outskirts of Cairo. Just a lasting perimeter of the brando industry and try to access the main door. You will not be able to get inside the building, since you will not have a key card.

Now go back to the captain of Niko and report about your attempt. This time he will give a card-key to Brando’s gardens found and extracted by one of his intelligence officers. Use the map and enter the brando gardens.

Remember that you can accept the Quest Captain NIKO only if you 25 and above.

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