Last night he began the point and final to the penultimate day of the regular season at the superliga of League of Legends of Spring. After 16 days, a spectacular day was glimpsed with a total of 6 team tied with a balance of 8 victories and 8 defeats before starting the parties. Only Mad Lions Madrid and UCAM Tokiers were eliminated from the fight for the playoffs, and only fnatic team cheese and Barça ESPORTS They had insured a position in them.

With these mimbres, it reached a day full of countertime emotions and that will be totally decisive to decide which teams play the postseason. Three historical competition as Giants , Movistar riders and g2 arctic were in garlic, paradoxically, with three teams again cuño like Bisons from Pablo “Marhoder” Menéndez, Team Heraters of the Content Creator GREFG and KOI of Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué.

IBAI overcles grefg

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And, although all the parties were relevant, the truth is that a better one stood out above the rest both in media, and popular attention. We are talking about the duel between Team Heraters and Koi . The two teams owned by first-line content creators and two of which people can gather on a Twitch channel.

Well, it was, around 210,000 concurrent signs in the IBAI channel during the game, which must be added 95,000 signs gathered by the League of Professional Video Games and 16,000 of Jorge “Werlyb” Casanovas as a representative of heretics. A historical record for the competition even though the playoffs have not yet been reached.

Beyond the popularity of the teams, or the presence of Gerard Piqué himself in the official retransmission of Koi, the truth is that the party was really entertaining from the dramatic point of view. A lot of tension and played like the insec of Luis “Koldo” Pérez with Lee without making a difference. G2 Arctic, Bisons and Koi have come out victorious about this first skirmish , but the whole will be played by the whole Thursday on the last day.

The accounts of each team

After victory, koi depends on itself to qualify for the playoffs , as well as Bisons and G2 Arctic. Whoever has it is the teams that go 8-9, but among them Giants stands out. The current champion of Superliga has lost duels lost and has to win his party against Koi and wait for a carambola to enter the playoffs.

It will be important to see the role of teams already classified for playoffs and also those who are out of them for a while. In particular, the Fnatic TQ VS Herteits and Movistar Riders vs Ucam Tokiers will be very relevant, since there will be two teams that will be played with an 8-9 before jumping to the loyalty crack.

The Ibai team has it quite well, because in addition to depending on itself, it would only be left out of the postseason in 28% of the possible cases. But that is the mathematics without context; And the truth is that the context is that Koi has traced the flight after a terrifying streak of defeats mid-season. As if that were not enough, yesterday were the best of the map so much SLT and Koldo, two of the most criticized players during those so hard moments.