CRAFT EGG Co., Ltd., CRAFT EGG Co., Ltd., which develops development business of smartphone app, CHAFT EGG, “Bundoli! Girls Band Party!”, March 5, 2022, 2012 Artist Tie-up 4th edition “Pastel * Palettes × ZAQ” has been decided, and information on various campaigns of Garper’s 5th anniversary started from March 12 (Saturday).

CRAFT EGG Co., Ltd. to develop a planning development business of smartphone apps Hereinafter, the game “Bandori! Girls Band Party!” By the joint production of Bushiroad) is the official live broadcast of March 5, 2022, the fourth edition of artist tie-up “Pastel * PALETTES × ZAQ” We announced information about various campaigns of Garper’s 5th anniversary, which was decided by what was decided and starting from March 12 (Saturday).

“Bandri! Girls Band Party!” This is a rhythmic & adventure game, which is expanded by the worldview of the next-generation girls band project “Bang Dream! (Bundoli!)” Linked by character and real live. Easy-to-use rhythm games can play at the same time with up to 5 people, and enjoy the music and live music songs for anime or live. In addition, the story scene has high quality Live2D, and the character moves with lively. From the start of offer, his fifth year of his fifth year, the number of domestic users will overpower his 14 million people, and more expectations are increasing.

# Artist Tie-Up Information

# # 1. Follow-up report of the third “ROSELIA × EVE”

From an artist active in each music genre, it is possible to hold the third “Roselia × EVE” of “artist tie-up” planning to provide music to each band from 0 o’clock on March 12, 2022 (Saturday). I decided. EVE adds the song “flash” written to her Roselia and the new animation MV in the game. In addition, in commemoration of artist tie-up with Eve, the cover music “詞 奇” (lyrics: EVE, composer: EVE, arrangement: ELEMENTS GARDEN) It was decided.

# # 2.Pastel * Palettes decided to provide music from her ZAQ!

As the fourth edition of artist tie-up, he has decided to provide music from ZAQ in Pastel * Palettes. The fourth implementation is scheduled to be 15 o’clock on March 18 (Fri). In addition to the music offer, I also announced the production of animation MV. Animation MV allows you to see her Pastel * Palettes member of different character designs. In addition, in commemoration of artist tie-up with ZAQ, on March 18 (Fri) 15 o’clock, cover music “Sparkling daydream” (lyrics: ZAQ · Composition: ZAQ · Arrangement: ELEMENTS GARDEN) It was decided to add.

# Garper 5th Anniversary Campaign Information Overview

# # 1. In commemoration of the 5th anniversary, the maximum “star x 5000” is presented!

Receive period: March 12 (Saturday) 0: 00— 6 (Wed) 3:59

March 12 (Saturday) When the first login after 0 o’clock, “Star x 5000” will be presented, and “Sonic Crystal x 100” will be presented.

# # 2. 5th Anniversary 10 times a day free Gacha will be held!

Holding period: March 12 (Sat) 0: 00-August 9 (Saturday) 23:59

★ The 5th anniversary of the 3 or more members will hold a free gacha 10 times a day. This gacha is
It is possible to draw a lot for free of charge. Details are informed in the game at the time of this Gacha
Please confirm.

# Garpa’s new key Visual and new costumes for each band

# Anime interlocking plan outline

# # # 1. Anime interlocking game Event “Backstage Pass 5” held!

We will hold “Backstage Pass 5” where Garper’s 5th Anniversary Anime and the event in-game events are linked. You can see the events “Circle Thanks Party!” To those who are indebted from Circle, which are drawn in this animation, can be seen from the viewpoint of animation and games.

2. 2. Garupamember Member Announced song title and additional day to sing with 35 people!

The title of the song to sing with 35 Garupamembers has been decided as “Circle Thanks MUSIC ♪”.

“Circle Thanks Music ♪” will be added in the game from 0:00 on Saturday, March 12th. In addition, the recording has also been recorded in the album “Bang Dream! Dreamer’s Best” scheduled to be released on March 16 (Wednesday).

# 5th Anniversary Festival Gacha Holding Overview

# # # 1. “Dream Festival Gacha” will be held!

Holding period: March 12 (Saturday) 0: 00-3 June 17 (Thu) 14:59

From March 12 (Saturday) 0:00, “Dream Festival Gacha” will be held. As a new Diorife limited member, Himi Uehara, and Maruyama appeared, as a limited time member, Ichigaya, Shibata, Misaki Okawa, Misaki Hagazawa, Paleo, will appear.

★ 4 Himari Uehara (CV: Kato Hideaki)

★ 4 Maruyama Aya (CV: Ami Maimi)

★ 4 Ichigaya Yasaki (CV: Ayasa Ito)

★ 4 platinum phosphorus (CV: Shizaki Akane)

★ 4 Okawazawa Misaki (CV: Kurosawa)

★ 3 Hagazutsu (CV)

★ 3 Paleoo (CV: Kasakoi)

<Cumulative Event P Reward Members of <“Backstage Pass 5”>

★ 3 Wakamiya Eve (CV: Sakai Kazuko)

★ 3 Yashiro Toya (CV: AYASA)

# # 2. “Kirameki Festival Gacha” will be held!

Holding period: March 18 (Fri) 15: 00-August 24 (Thu) 14:59

From 15:00 on March 18, we will hold “Kirameki Festival Gacha”.

※ Details such as the appearance members will be notified later.

# 5th Anniversary Music Campaign Information!

1. Thank you 5th anniversary! Cover music additional campaign! Held decision!

From March 13 (Sun) to March 20 (Sun), we will add a total of 7 songs of each band, a total of 7 songs and sequential games. In the main student broadcast, we have released the tip of the cover music. The details of the cover music added from March 13 (Sun) will be announced from Garpa Official Twitter account “@bang_dream_gbp” from March 6 (Sun) to March 10 (Thursday).

2. Difficulty level “Special” 7 days continuous addition campaign! Held decision!

From March 19 (Saturday), one song will be added daily for 7 days, and the music of the difficulty level “Special” will be added.

March 19 (Saturday) Roselia “ETERNAL BLAZE”
March 20 (Sun) Morfonica “Ageha Butterfly”
March 21 (Mon) AFTERGLOW “Tenno Weak”
March 22 (Tuesday) Poppin’Party “If I light”
March 23 (Wed) Pastel * Palettes “DISCOTHEQUE”
March 24 (Thu) RAISE A SUILEN “Hitari Night”
March 25 (Fri) Hello, Happy World! “GO! GO! MANIAC”

3. Mv 6 consecutive campaign! Held decision!

Bandari from March 12 (Saturday)! A total of 14 MVs are added in the game from the movie version work.

From the Movie version “Bang Dream! Film Live 2nd Stage”
“STAR BEAT! ~ Hoshinokodou-” “Uh Kyan ☆ Frefre! “Tenka Toys A to Z ☆ ☆”

From the Movie version “Bang Dream! Film Live 2nd Stage”
“Hey-day craze (Capritio)” “R”

From the movie version “Bang Dream! Episode of Roselia I: Promise”

From the theater version “Bang Dream! Episode of Roselia II: Song I Am.”

From the theater version “Bang Dream! Episode of Roselia II: Song I Am.”
“Song I am.”

From the theater version “Bang Dream! Popin ‘Dori!”
“Breakthrough” “TIME LAPSE” “Tokimeki Experience! “

From the theater version “Bang Dream! Popin ‘Dori!”
“Prelude to golden” “Drive us crazy”

Also, for “Drive Us Crazy”, MV and music will be added.

# Future Update Information Overview

1. Add “Star Seal” feature!

From March 12 (Saturday) 0 o’clock, we will add the “Star Seal” feature. “Star seal” can be acquired by automatic conversion from a gacha seal that has not reached the number of exchangeable sheets during the gacha period, and it is possible to replace the Gacha seal of Gacha while being held at any timing I can do it. Also, at the new “Star Seal Exchange”, it is also possible to use “Star Seal”, and it is also possible to replace 4 members added in the past. Please check the details for details.

2. Add “Stage Challenge” function!

From March 12 (Saturday) 0 o’clock, we will add “Stage Challenge” function. “Stage Challenge” plays a challenge song in the “Band Condition Condition” determined for each stage, and you can challenge the next stage by achieving one or more three-step “target scores”. By collecting ★ that can be acquired at the time of achievement, you can earn a achievement reward, such as the first title of the stage challenge.

3. MV live work live live live!

From March 12 (Saturday) 0 o’clock, you will be able to select MV live in cooperation live. In addition, only songs that have been downloaded MV data in advance are available.

# # # 4. Some of the past dream festival limited members can be exchanged!

In the past “Dream Festival Gacha” “Dream Festival Gacha” in the past
Limited members of the Leam Festival Gacha Limited Members are replaceable.

※ We are planning to update her 5th anniversary of various other things. Please check the notification in the game for details

# Service Basic Information

Title: “Bandri! Girls Band Party!” Genre: Rhythm & Adventure Game Provision: March 16, 2017 (Thu) Delivery: App Store, Google Play Usage Price: Basic Play Free, Item Private Site URL: HTTPS : // Official Twitter URL: https: // (@bang_dream_gbp) Promotional video: V = 81NFiW2TvQy YouTube “Bandori-chan ☆ App Store: Google Play: /store/apps/details? ※ Android, Google Play and Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. * The iPhone, iTunes and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.

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