Due to the war conflict between Russia and Ukraine, several entertainment companies have reacted with a series of blockages and punishments against the country governed by Vladimir Putin. Now, It seems that this group has joined Nintendo , since users report that access to the SHOP of switch is currently impossible in this country.

Although Nintendo has not issued a statement or making clear his position in this conflict, during the last hours, users have pointed out that it is impossible to access the SHOP of the switch in Russia . Although at first it was thought that this was a decision taken by Nintendo regarding the war, a communiqué by the Japanese company has revealed that this is not the case, and this error is due to the service to pay with rubles, the Currency of this country in question, is not available. This was what was commented about:

“Because the payment service used in Nintendo Eshop has suspended the processing of rubles payments, Nintendo Eshop in Russia is temporarily in maintenance mode. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We will share updates as the situation is developed. “

Thus, problems are out of the hands of Nintendo, and is a consequence of trade decisions taken as measures against Russia by other companies . At the moment if this will have a solution, or the SHOP of the switch will simply remain closed until this conflict has a resolution.

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On related topics, cyberpunk 2077 is bombarded by negative reviews as consequences from the political position of CD Projekt Network in this conflict. Similarly, Microsoft suspends the sale of its products in Russia.