“With Stephan Grunwald the DFB should get a new treasurer. Heike Ullrich I proposed as a Secretary-General and for the position of the new Bureau member of Diversity and Diversity Celia Sasic,” Neuendorf explained in an interview with the “Frankfurter general newspaper” interview. “These are three new people I named that I trust, I can count on. In particular, the new task of Celia Sasic is absolutely necessary in view of the social situation.”

Ex-national player SASIC has been active as a DFB integration ambassador since 2010 and is in the team of Euro GmbH with Philipp Lahm Special Advisor for the European Championship 2024 in Germany.

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First combat tuning in 122 years

At the 44th ordinary Bundestag, it will come for the first time in the 122-year association history for a combat matching for the presidential office. Next to Neuendorf (60), the candidate of the amateur camp, Peter Peters (59) applies. The team of the long-standing DFL Chairman of the Supervisory Board are Ralf Viktora as Treasurer Candidate and Silke Sizing as Vice-President Diversity and Equality. This position should be created in the Bundestag and become in.

According to DFB Articles of Association, the no-nominated symbol could only run until Rainer Koch does not receive the absolute majority as a candidate for the Vice-President Post of the South German Football Association. Koch, which is the President of the Regional Association and the Bavarian Football Association, has announced after Diversity information association internally, that the Bavarian Association will nominate Sitting, so it comes here to a secret ballot selection.